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I went to see Vampires Suck. It's was pretty Fucking Awesome. Now, I'm just waiting for Jackass 3D. Life will not be complete until I see Steve-o puke in 3D. I think I'm in love with the Jackass guys. n_____n
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I'm bored out of my fucking mind. D:

I've had to bath three times today because he thinks it's funny to run around eating/playing with his poop.
I haven't had five minutes of peace since 7:30 am.
I guess my child is lucky he's cute...and mine. If a random child came in my house and did what he did this morning I'm pretty sure I would throw them out the window. : /

I think The biggest highlight of my day was watching the Jackass 3D trailer. . . And Watching Jimmy Pop throw up eggs all over some one in Viva La Bam. xDDD I'm pretty sure that will be the most entertaining thing that happens today.

So, Yeah, The Bloodhound Gang is supposed to have a new CD coming out next year. Super excited. HMV around here doesn't even have any of their CDs It's pretty lame. Or Jackass DVDs. Kingston Blows Chunks.

That's my thoughts for now.

And Here is The Jackass 3D trailer.


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This is rated 16+ I guess, I was 15 when I wrote it but, Yeah.
Hallo, This is my first story that is more than a paragraph long, So don't be mad if it suck. (/>_<) So, Yeah, I had to write this for english class, After reading it my teacher said I needed some comic relief. XDDDD Hmmm, So yeah, Sorry if it blows.  n____n;;;

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